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Physical Mobility at work , school or at home

For those experiencing mobility issues in the office. My recommendation from personal experience is contact your HR department to see if you can give an ergonomic assessment that means somebody comes in and they will check to make sure that you are keyboard desk and everything you use on a normal basis is positioned in places so it causes your body less movement and stress.

If you are self-employed you would want to talk to your doctor and see if they could get you a prescription to talk to a occupational therapist there are similar to a physical therapist but they can help you with a ergonomic assessment

For students in the school system I would recommend that you talk to your college disability department. They can help you with an ergonomic assessment or division of blind services or vocational rehab. If you have not reached college level and you are still in the k-12 system talk to your ESC counselor or guidance counselor to see if they can have somebody come in to help you position your desk so it puts your body in stress.

For all those working at home or remotely make sure that you are at your computer or desk and it needs to be at the appropriate level so that your back or eyes are not straining through your long work week.

Johnny Maloney M.ED. CRC

CFO and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor for Invisible Me Warriors

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